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Rafael Rodriguez is InMotion Photography

As the Owner, Photographer, Editor and all around man behind the scenes, Rafael Rodriguez is InMotion Photography. His passion with the world as viewed through a camera began at the age of 10, and has been the driving force ever since. From high school to the US Marines and everywhere in between, his love for Photography and capturing moments in time has been a constant in his life. It doesn’t hurt that he never seems to put the camera down.

Rafael Started out his formal photography education during high school, back in the time when digital was just an idea and Black and White film was the media format of choice. Rafael is experienced with, amongst many other forms, the Black and White film development process and printing. Beginning with Photo 101 to Advanced Photo and the Honors Photography, by his senior year in high school Rafael was the head photographer for the school yearbook.

The US Marine Corps gave Rafael a larger view of the world, taking him to far-away places like Hawaii, Hong Kong China and Korea. Throughout his experiences, however, Rafael’s favorite place to shoot has always been Seattle Washington. From the downtown area to the top of Mt Saint Helens, his camera was always by his side.

After returning home from Service to his country, he kept his photography to a working Hobby. The only pause in his shooting schedule was to increase his education: Around 2001 he completed credit courses in Web Design and Computer Graphics and also completed Courses in A+ and Net + (Basic Computer Hardware/software and Networking) to have a understanding how photography will play a pivotal roll in the digital age.

2008 was the beginning of Inmotion Photography, when Rafael picked up his Camera and immersed himself into the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene. From the downtown clubs of Baltimore to Philadelphia, New York and everywhere in between, Rafael has worked small events, parties and venues to the Largest Produced events in the EDM world! From his hometown Favorite "Starscape Festival" to "Ultra Music Festival in Miami" He has been hard at work bringing his style and creative eye to the masses!

Working as a Free-lance at, he built his name in the scene and has displayed his work to everyone from L.A. California to Baltimore, MD. The Birth of "" in 2012 is the Culmination of his hard work and the testimony of his continued effort to bring his work to the EDM scene and beyond!